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    In mid-2017, Peachee founders Bonnie & Ben together were gym owners in Ireland. They weren't planning on starting a new venture, but based on Bonnie's difficulties in finding gym clothing that fit her hourglass shape well, she started Peachee. What was a little idea cooked up in the back office of their gym, turned into the best thing that happened to either of them.

    Bonnie & Ben went from selling & delivering leggings to friends and family out of their apartment, to over 30,000 followers on instagram, selling to nearly every European country and state in the US.
    A huge moment came when Irish, American, Australian, Canadian and English fitness icons began repping Peachee Collection to the world. Suddenly, the women who were defining what it meant to be confident were wearing our brand.

    Now, as much as having big names support the brand is amazing, the biggest high has been uniting Peachee girls from every corner of the World together. Every day incredible pics of beauties repping Peachee surface to Instagram (using the hashtag #PeacheeGirls). These pictures remind us that no matter how far away we live from one another - we are still family.