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    Peachee Collection is a luxury athleisure label by fitness business owner Bonnie Shortall. She created Peachee Collection following years of personal experience of unflattering gym wear. Through many body changes - from overweight, to skinny to lean - Bonnie found it incredibly difficult to find squat proof, comfortable, gorgeous gym wear. The fitness wear available in high street stores tend not to flatter or enhance - waistbands are thin, material is cheap, and bums are squashed.

    Let's be honest; how often have you ordered a pair of leggings online, bursting with excitement when the package comes, only to be disappointed when you try them on? Perhaps your wardrobe is full of unworn leggings stuffed down the back? There is no worse feeling than being self-conscious in the gym. 

    This is why Peachee was born.

    Peachee flow with the natural curves of your body, and the thick compression material is not only moisture whicking, but also keeps everything in place and gives you that hourglass figure. 

    Bonnie launched Peachee with the sole aim to inspire confidence in women both inside and outside the gym - the range is designed especially to compliment and enhance the body you've worked hard for, whether you're just beginning your fitness journey or you're well on your way.

    Peachee is about the journey. Not the end product. How many of us spend countless hours staring at instagram fitness models who look they've been carved from stone? As amazing as these women are, they are difficult to relate to for those who are actively on a fitness journey that seems long and winding. Anyone on this journey needs flattering, functional and fashionable fitness wear. Fitness wear that enhances all the gorgeous features you should be proud of. Fitness wear that doesn't let you down when you have 50, 60, or 100kg on your back. Fitness wear that moulds to your incredible shape as it changes month to month. 

    Welcome to the journey of Peachee. 
    It's going to be a good one.